Welcome to the city of New Break! Just in time for a much needed break. Due to various circumstances (bronchitis, day job, family stuff, and life being a butt), my buffer for the comic has taken a serious hit. WORRY NOT! While I say I’m taking a break, I mean I’m taking a break from traditional comic updates so I can make more comics for the buffer. I will also be updating with other things so you should keep checking back each Wednesday to see what’s up.

For the next two updates, we’ll be updating with some peeks into the world of Technically Magic via some articles written by my dear hubby Chris Wood (@JustChrisWood on Twitter) as various writers from the TM world. After that, I’ll be updating with either some concept art or little quicky comics for the following two weeks.

Comic updates will resume May 3rd but keep checking back for some of that good ol’ world-building in the mean time.